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  • A third composite astrological chart, which reflects the essence or nature of the connection between the two people, is created when they start dating.
  • It is known as the Composites or Combined Chart. As they say, “the whole is more than the total of its parts.”
  • The composite astrology chart’s goal is to show how two people can come together to form a link that is bigger than the two people apart.  

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Imagine placing two natal charts in front of one another, finding the suns of each, and adding a third sun in the center. Composite Astrology charts are produced in this manner. The midpoint between the planetary positions of the two people is found, and a new chart is built with the new planet placement and aspect.

Synastry charts and composites charts are both utilized to look for relationships. Contrarily, composite charts combine the data from two different persons to create a brand-new chart. The two people are seen as a unit in a composite chart. As a result, it appears to be a birth chart because it only has one set of elements.

Relations and Astrology

As per Claude de Saint-Exupery, an Astrological Signs Cancer and the creator of The Little Prince, a beloved story about the essence of love and relationship ties, man is a thread into which connections are interwoven (among other things). Although not all of us, it is true that the majority of us need to interact with someone. That connection could be made through a close relationship with a family member, a close friend or lover, a strong religious conviction, or a commitment to a particular cause or ideal.

What is Composite Astrology Chart

This diagram depicts the relationship as a whole. A composite is made up of two distinct birth charts as well as the actual energy source that two distinct persons produce. The developmental or karmic aim of their relationships—i.e., what they are generating or trying to achieve from the connection on a higher level—is something that many of my clients ask me about. For this job, the composite chart is ideal.

In comparison to your birth chart, a composite chart is much less intimate. Aspects of your birth chart, also known as your natal chart, may be difficult for you to modify, but they are there nonetheless. You’ll feel confident using and acting upon your natal chart. However, a composite chart is a relationship chart.

The connection is more or less stagnant; it doesn’t act autonomously to change itself. You can respond to it by working with the energy the composite offers, but neither of you will be able to fully and personally interact with the chart. It is what it is, quite literally.

The data contained in composite charts would be neither good nor poor. I advise my clients to understand that the composite chart won’t indicate whether they should be in a relationship or not.

What does composite mean in astrology?

The effective and evident energies that the pair must deal with in their daily interactions are indicated by planetary systems in perspective to the composite ascendant. What is the couple’s default reaction to the surroundings? Which natural defenses do they have? How do they handle day-to-day problems?

These energies are blatant and obvious to people who are not in the relationship. One possible explanation for the composite Ascendant’s situation can indicate how the relationship began because they are able to express immediate, direct responses to one another.

Composite Astrology Chart Readings Include

The divisions of the composites chart show areas to concentrate on in a relationship as well as how the planets’ energies manifest. Given that the composite chart is a calculated midpoint chart, thinking of the houses in terms of their polarity makes a lot of sense.

 Looking at house placements to predict how overt a planet’s energy will be in a partnership is very illuminating, in our opinion. For instance, a motion that is more obvious in the connection than if either star is near to an arc will be a Sun square, Moon.

We can learn vital information about the characteristics of a pair by examining the relationship’s composite chart. The relationship’s own chart makes up the composite chart. It is a whole different chart altogether—the chart of a relationship—and is derived by figuring out the mathematical center point of people’s planets and points. The composite chart illustrates fundamental relationship dynamics.

  • It provides a personalized reading that includes information about your personality, aptitude, and attitude as well as predictions for your health over the next 20 years and a timeline of your most significant years.
  • Reading in detail and effects of 9 planets.
  • Pay close attention to your finances and investments, especially:
  • Potential sources of income
  • Real estate, debt instruments, equity, mutual funds, and one’s own business are all acceptable investment options. Is there any combination that prevents financial success?

How can you get your Composite Astrology Report?

We heartily endorse this report as being appropriate for those who are constantly seeking to comprehend the true meaning of life and karma.

You will get a clearer understanding of the causes and consequences of your life events, which will motivate you to take methodical and intelligent action moving forward.

For a composite astrology report, you must contact trusted and skilled astrology services such as Star Speaks or an astrologer.


What is important in a composite chart?

The fifth house is important since it’s where you have fun, games, and romance. Being compatible with your relationship is important. Furthermore, the compatibility of your relationship can be determined by looking at the 7th and 8th houses.

How does Saturn challenge the Sun or Moon in the composite chart?

The composite graphs of parents and children as well as marriage partners frequently contain it. These factors are simpler to handle when a parent and child are involved, probably because of the nature of their relationship. 

Although this element represents a partnership that has a major impact on each and implies a certain amount of obligation to each other in the composite horoscope of marriage partners, the connection may seem like a burden.


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