Detailed Life Reading


  • A customized report focuses on a particular period in your life (5, 10 or 15 years).
  • Vedic astrologers place a special emphasis on those particular years so you can understand how events, opportunities, and obstacles will play out.
  • Get a life prediction horoscope report designed to help you deal with challenges in your marriage, job, or other areas of your life. Complete Future Prediction entails receiving astrological solutions for every challenging stage of your life, whether it be waning self-confidence, a strained relationship, or a stagnant profession.
  • You can avoid all barriers and achieve the success you desire in your chosen endeavor with the aid of complete life solutions and astrological solutions.
Detailed Life Reading – 5 Year Report
Detailed Life Reading – 10 Year Report
Detailed Life Reading – 15 Year Report

Know About Detailed Life Reading

Hinduism places a high value on nakshatras. Every auspicious act, including marriage, Mundan, Namkaran, and other rituals, is carried out following a review of the Nakshatra chart and their positions.

Nakshatras are thought to control the natural world’s energy flow in Vedic astrology. It was a component of the calendar or time system and was closely related to lunar motion or Moon movement.

Nakshatras were once related by astrologers in order to give newborns lucky names. To ascertain which Nakshatra was in place at the moment of a person’s birth, they used to consult the list of Rasis and Nakshatras. The Janma Nakshatra or Natal Nakshatra of that individual is the Nakshatra that is determined at the time of birth. The Moon passes thru this Janma Rasi and Nakshatra in a day, according to Vedic astrology. Based on the birth nakshatra, the Vimshottari Dasha, a 120-year planetary cycle, is also researched. The table of Nakshatras determines the qualities of the planets that are located in them as well.

What Is The Purpose Of The Detailed Life Reading Report?

The Complete Life Reading Report is for you if you’re interested in learning more about the chapters of your life. Several aspects of life, key Yogas and Doshas, along with the correct treatments for each Dosha found in your horoscope, will be covered in your guide.

Do you want to know how you have improved overall? Our Life Reading Report appears to be the ideal resource for you in this situation, as it will accurately anticipate and astrologically explain various elements of your life while also offering advice on the best course of action to take to improve its happiness and prosperity.

How The Report Is Prepared?

For the Complete Life Reading, which is produced utilizing Vedic predictive techniques, your birth chart is thoroughly examined, including all planetary transits within the relevant era and the dasa system. The specialist carefully looks at the major and smaller dasa periods before putting together your comprehensive life reading. The study digs further into several subjects, including Career, Family, Marriage, Prosperity, and Health.

Importance of Detailed Life Reading Report

Life is a mystery filled with many highs and lows, memorable experiences, and roadblocks that impede further movement. One can avoid getting into trouble and attain objectives and prosperity that bring about a sense of fulfillment if one fully comprehended it and is prepared for the conditions that will arise in their life.

Usually, when you want problems in particular for yourself throughout time, you’ll consider detailed life reading very important. You can get answers from this reading on your career, your love life, your marriage, your finances, your children, your health, and any sudden or unexpected changes. You will uncover particular solutions to life’s questions of direction, well-being, and outlook with its assistance.

Detailed Life Reading Report’s Advantages

Our Life Reading Report, which provides forecasts for your entire life, is pretty special and more thorough than a birth horoscope. You can obtain precise astrological life predictions for your career/business, study, marriage, family, and kids. Find out the answers to your future-related inquiries, such as how your future will be, which year will be fortunate for you, when you’ll land a job or get hitched, etc. In light of your horoscope, this report provides precise life-reading predictions regarding your entire life.

Your horoscope is thoroughly studied by our knowledgeable and professional astrologers to create the Life Reading Report. The impact of planetary motions on your zodiac, the impact of the moon and sun, planetary transits, as well as how their powers will help you in the future, is all thoroughly examined. Offer the greatest answers and treatments as a result to remove any obstacles to your development.

Some other advantages of a detailed life-reading report

  •         With a thorough understanding of the circumstances ahead, you can make more intelligent, considered decisions.
  •         You will find answers to your questions and difficulties, enabling you to confront the challenges ahead with the right defense.
  •         There will be less stress brought on by ignorance.
  •         Since the issues will be resolved with ease, you will have the confidence to make sensible decisions. This will facilitate clarity of thought and happier long-term planning.

Life Reading Report: What Will It Include?

If you’re curious about the chapters of your life, a life-reading report may be helpful to you. You will receive assistance with the various facets of life, significant yogas and doshas, as well as the appropriate remedies to get rid of any dosha that may be in your horoscope. A detailed life report will include the following:

  1. Detailed astrological information about your horoscope 
  2. An answer to your query.
  3. Your Ascendant’s Effect.
  4. The Moon sign’s effect.
  5. The strength of your horoscope and all yogas and yogafals in your horoscope.
  6. Planets in your forecast and chart’s 12 houses.
  7. Analysis of your wealth, number.
  8. A review of your family.
  9. Career and education.
  10. About your marriage and your kids.
  11. Your Health.
  12. Current mahadasha, the upcoming mahadashas, and their effects are all described in depth.
  13. Sade saati in the chart results or report.
  14. Summary and recommendations
  15. Important Highlights by Date.
  16. Lucky ways to your advantage (Lucky days, numbers, metal, time, direction and stone).
  17. Mantras and remedies for puja.
  18. Rudraksha and a lucky yantra.
  19. Important advice to help you handle circumstances more easily.


Question –  Who is going to write the report?

Ans – Our knowledgeable astrologer personally creates and responds to every birth chart and report. There are no auto-generated replies in these reports.

Question – How will I receive my report?

Email is used to deliver every report.

Question – How soon will I get the report?

Ans – Usually, the process would take about 72 hours for all detailed results to be delivered.

Question – Will the information I provide about me be kept private?

Ans – Definitely. At Star Speaks, we never divulge any personal information. We don’t work in the lead generation industry. We maintain the privacy of our customers’ information.

Question – How does the detailed life report is made?

Ans – Before making the report, you will be asked to provide your birth details. After that, our astrologer will also ask if you have any queries or problems related to your life. Once done, you will receive your detailed life report via email. 

Detailed Life Reading

5 Year Report, 10 Year Report, 15 Year Report


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