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  • Decoding almost all the events that will shape their lives can be a stress buster, especially for first-time parents.
  • The report makes sure to clue you in to the little details of your child’s overall personality, the areas in which they can show growth, and almost all the challenges that they might face as they grow up into adults.
  • The Child Astrology report can be a helpful guide because it can also foresee important health-related issues that your child might face.
  • Knowing about the potentials, challenges, and karmic chakras of your child can help you as a parent to lead them in their way to success and life-affirming happiness.

One of life’s greatest blessings for a parent is having a child. Both an adventure and a mystery, raising kids is. How will my kid turn out to be? Is the thought that crosses every parent’s mind. The Child Horoscope report is useful in this situation.

For many years, Stars speaks has given knowledgeable astrological readings to clients from all over the world. This innovative study has helped parents better understand their child’s talents. They have learned about their child’s general good fortune or their capacity to make their family prosperous.

Being a parent is a blessing, and I don’t need to convince you that you should take care of them like a good parent. But what comes when we express excessive concern for a child’s well-being? In this account, we’ll make an effort to highlight a few key ideas about child astrology, both before and after the child’s birth.

We won’t try to make it more difficult by providing complex astrological explanations for fear that people would jump to unwarranted conclusions. However, we shall only briefly touch on the key features of child astrology.

What is Child Astrology?

Astrologers consult the fifth house of the horoscope to determine any pregnancy-related issues. The kid and its associated causal factors are represented by the fifth house in a horoscope. A person’s fifth house’s planetary configuration plays a role in determining the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy.

Additionally, the fifth house lord in the native’s chart needs to be placed favorably for them to benefit from pregnancy and its associated elements.

The second house (family house) and the eleventh house should also be examined in order to make a birth prediction in addition to the fifth house. We also observe that the 9th house just serves as a conduit.

The planet Jupiter is also seen as being the most important aspect in trying to conceive children, in addition to these houses and their associated lords. Jupiter is regarded as the provider planet in astrology, hence the native’s blessing is required for childbearing.

In addition, the ascendant horoscope is used to analyze the position of the ninth house’s ruler and the ninth home itself to determine if the couple will be able to have children. Therefore, there is a potential that your pregnancy and delivery will be delayed if these houses or Jupiter are impacted by malefic combinations in your astrological chart.

In addition to these planets, the sixth, eighth, and dwadash also play significant roles. If Jupiter, the guru, in this case, is weak or weakened, it becomes nearly hard for the parents to conceive a child. Since the fifth house also symbolizes accumulated karma, it can be used in this case to provide good or painful information about children.

Insights about Child Astrology Report

Decoding nearly every event that will influence their life can be a stress reliever, particularly for first-time parents.

The report takes care to inform you of all the subtleties of your child’s general personality, the regions in which they can demonstrate growth, and nearly all the difficulties that they may have as they mature into adults.

Because it can predict significant health-related concerns that your child may encounter, the Child Astrology analysis can be a useful resource.

Knowing your child’s potential, obstacles, and karmic chakras can assist you as parents guide them on their path to achievement and life-affirming enjoyment.

How Is This Report Prepared?

Birthplace, time, and date have always been significant factors in astrology. These factors are crucial in terms of the Child Astrology report. These factors are taken into account by our knowledgeable Vedic Astrologer before creating the child’s birth chart.

The astrologer then writes down all potential astrological positions and pairings that could have been present at the time of the child’s birth and classifies them as favorable or unfavorable.

This is the main point of the report, which is further extended in light of the prediction techniques used to comprehend the child and the family.

Child Complete Life Prediction

In Hinduism, a birth chart, or Kundli, is given the utmost importance. Horoscopes are used as a guide when making the majority of significant decisions, including those regarding employment, education, marriage, health, and vocation. Astrology is a picture of the stars and planets in the sky at the time of a child’s birth.

It is thought that the planets were intentionally trapped or positioned in the sky at that moment to bring about a certain alignment that would allow them to bring about the consequences of our past karma. They manifest the results of our prior good or bad activities in different combinations, dashas, positions, and planetary associations.

They provide outcomes based on the stages of life. When Lord Buddha was born, it was foreseen that he would either become the Chakravarti Samraat—the ruler of the Earth—or a great saint. The world already knows the prediction’s accuracy!

Therefore, if properly interpreted, a birth chart can accurately predict our future events. A baby’s horoscope, however, was previously advised against being read before the age of 12, as the child is still in the care of nature during that time, which serves as the creature’s guardian.

Kundli and Child Birth

The most joyous and festive time in any family is when a new baby is born. Indian households have a custom of holding a naming ceremony after the birth of the child in which he or she is given a name using an accurate astrologer’s interpretation of his birth star. Hindu sanskar includes a ceremonial name-giving ceremony that is carried out to give the newborn a name.

Hindus hold that after taking into account the specifics of his birth Nakshatra, the name should be chosen as advised by an astrologer. Before deciding on a specific name for your child, it is crucial to understand the details of their janam nakshatra. Alphabets of the name to be maintained are determined by the baby’s nakshatra information, which is generated using the birth date, time, and location.

Child Health Astrology Report

Vedic astrology is essentially a blueprint of all of a person’s karmic deeds from their previous life as well as their upcoming life, which will become clearer with time. As a result, a person’s health is also influenced by karma from past lives. The future health and troubles (if any) that our children may experience are very helpfully predicted by astrology for us, the parents.

When trying to predict your kid’s future health, the 6th house, also known as the house of health, plays a crucial role. The residence shouldn’t be under the influence of any malevolent planets that could have a detrimental effect on the child’s health.

In order to protect their children from any health problems brought on by these unfavorable planet placements, the parents may find it helpful to understand the varied malefic impacts of the multiple planets in the birth chart. This enables the parents to take preventative measures to shield their children from these problems. For our children, we can design food regimens and exercise or physical exercise schedules that will be beneficial and long-lasting for them as they get older.

With the help of our experts and experienced astrologers, you will get to know about the health report of your child. Get a child astrology consultation today!

Child Horoscope Chart Report

Vedic astrology offers fantastic insights into a child’s destiny, covering his personality, aptitude, and life goals. As a child gets older, this knowledge can be leveraged to bring out the best in them. As the name implies, the Child Horoscope report gives a comprehensive account of your child’s life, including what his future holds. This can help ease your concerns about your child’s future.

A Child Horoscope Report includes the following:

  •         Birth Astrology, Lagna, Nakshatra, and Moon Sign (Janam Patri).
  •         Characterization of the child’s nature, including mental and physical characteristics.
  •         Letters that could start a child’s name.
  •         the child’s overall well-being throughout his life.
  •         Education.
  •         Wealth & Bequests.
  •         Business & Career Patterns.
  •         Future life with a spouse and potential obstacles.
  •         The extent to which the youngster bestows luck on his parents and grandparents.
  •         Impacts of favorable planetary pairings.
  •         Unfavorable planetary alignments should be avoided.

Why Is the Child Astrology Report Unique?

A simple system or blueprint that accurately depicts heaven, planets, and stars at the time of a baby’s birth or any other specific time for which the astrological chart is being made is the birth chart or horoscope.

There are twelve divisions, or bhavas, in this astrological chart. These bhavas are connected to the occurrences in our lives at various ages. When faced with a challenge in their daily lives, people consult an astrologer. They consult an astrologer to find out why anything went wrong or to reverse any negative consequences that the natal chart may have.

Let’s examine how these 12 houses, or bhavas, represent the various facets of our lives:

  •         The first house stands for “Self” or you. A person’s physical appearance is evaluated by the first house.
  •         The Second House is a symbol of the person’s immediate family and collected fortune.
  •         Third House: It stands for the native’s siblings, communication style, and endeavors.
  •         Fourth House: It stands for a person’s happiness that is inherited from their mother. It also stands for all real estate and other fixed assets.
  •         Fifth House: It stands for the native’s offspring after marriage, as well as for education, creativity, and fun.
  •         The sixth house stands for debt, enemies, and sickness. It is also the home of rivalry and difficulties.
  •         The seventh house in your birth chart stands for your marriage and the traits of your spouse.
  •         Eighth House: This denotes a person’s longevity, in-laws, and fortune.
  •         Ninth House: This reflects a person’s fortunes. Additionally, it stands for the person’s guru, parent, and faith.
  •         Tenth House: This Karma bhava symbolizes a person’s standing in society.
  •         The eleventh house is a representation of the native’s lifetime earnings and gains.
  •         The twelfth house is the home of spirituality and Moksha. It is also the place where money is spent.

 The planets’ effects on your child’s mental, intellectual, biological, and spiritual growth are thoroughly examined in child astrology. It offers simple-to-use planetary tables and comprehensive instructions on how to note and decipher the planets’ positions at the moment of a child’s birth.

Children require assistance we can provide them as they develop into tomorrow’s leaders. With loving attention specifically catered to the unique talents their children possess, child astrology allows parents the opportunity to foster their children’s development.

How Star Speaks Can Help You?

If you are looking for a child horoscope report then we are here to help you. Book birth astrology, parent-child astrology, child astrology, and child birth horoscope, and get answers to all your questions. 


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