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  • According to transit astrology, respect to increasing might change to a negative phase or conversely. 
  • This is caused by the planets in your horoscope that are shifting positions.
  • A career transit report is created by comparing the planets in your birth chart to the zodiac.
  • This would outline the career developments for the following five to ten months, including opportunities to change jobs, refocus your business, and more.
Career Transit Report 2023 | Vedic Astrology – 1 Month Report
Career Transit Report 2023 | Vedic Astrology – 3 Month Report
Career Transit Report 2023 | Vedic Astrology – 6 Month Report
Career Transit Report 2023 | Vedic Astrology – 12 Month Report

When certain words like retrograde, full moon or solar return come into our horoscope, we always pay attention. Do they imply that exciting astrological developments are coming up, or aren’t these the kinds of news we look forward to when we read our horoscope?

According to Tripp, transits typically happen when a planet crosses your “natal planets,” or the positions of the planets in your birth chart. Let’s imagine, for illustration, that when you were born, Venus was in Capricorn. An astrologer would state that Mercury is traversing your “natal Venus” when it passes through Capricorn right now and aligns within 10 degrees of the position that Venus was a person birthed.

What is a Career Transit Report?

Sometimes work that seems tough is completed quite easily. On the other hand, there are times in life when nothing seems to move forward and everything looks stopped.

Transit astrology, a kind of Vedic astrology that focuses on interpreting the happenings in your life as the passing planets affect the birth planets of the astrology, can quickly create a sense of such diverse patterns.

When crucial aspects of your life are being supported by the transiting planets, life appears to be going well. So, if you need to make some significant job decisions, understanding how and when the planets will assist your efforts will greatly boost your chances of success. This is exactly what a career transit report does for you.

Importance of Career Transit Report

There could be many ups and downs in daily life. However, you frequently miss determining the important causes of your problem. In this situation, a career transit report is highly beneficial.

All aspects of your career growth are predicted by a career transit report, which enables you to identify the precise cause and remedy for your career growth. Here, we genuinely comprehend how significant a career transition is for you.

The movement of a planet across the zodiac concerning the Rashi in your birth chart is known as a planetary transit (Moon-sign). As the planets move through the signs, they have a specific impact on your life. This free report provides an analysis of your ongoing transit of the Sun, Saturn, and other planets.

Career Transit Report: What Will It Include?

Job and Planetary Transit

Calculating the Mahadasha, Antardasha, and favorable transit for a job is crucial. New employees may be provided to the native by the fortunate astrological transit of Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.

Remedial actions to obtain employment

You may have lost your work and have been looking for a new one in vain for a while. A career transit report will help you understand the reasons and remedies for it.

There is sufficient backing for ensuring the “proper” time for something as important as a Career Movement.

This report offers you the confidence that when the planets are smiling upon you, your wishes will be fulfilled. Furthermore, they may encourage you to keep a low profile at work when the time is not really on your side. Thus, throughout that time, the Career Transit report packet serves as a reference manual.

Career Transit Report: How does it work?

Your date of birth is typically the basis for career forecasts, and because Mars is the planet of daring and vigor, it is viewed as the fiercest of all planets in birth charts.

It also denotes physical energy. A weak Mars might cause agitation in career astrology. The individual may have a short fuse and be more ignorant than brave.

 A powerful Mars endows the wearer with traits of pride and authority. Such a person would have a successful job, abundant wealth, and continued progress.

The individual could have the determination to succeed at all costs. Mars offers job forecasts in the fields of law enforcement, defense and security, engineering for buildings, surgery, real estate, analytical chemistry, and sports. It also suggests an administrative profile. If you have a strong Mars, you can succeed quite well in these professions.

Every individual who wants to understand the results of their job or whether they will survive a trying time in their life will find the report to be the ideal escort.

Benefits of the Career Transit Report

  •         When you have the most room for advancement in the job or business.
  •         When to stay away from conflict or violence.
  •         Any potential issues with superiors, deputies, people in positions of authority, clients, or competitors.
  •         If covered throughout the transit period, the time of promotion.
  •         When is a good time to change careers?
  •         Timings for starting a significant business Endeavour or a new job.

Focusing on the big picture and long-term goals is necessary when Saturn is transiting through the horoscope’s Money, Career, and Work homes (all of which are related). A 2.5-year Saturn transit thru a career house frequently necessitates making a short-term sacrifice to achieve a longer-term objective.

How You Can Get Career Transit Report

At Star Speaks, we use every detail to prepare your career transit report.

We use the planets at the moment of your birth to chart the planets’ transits through the zodiac. This reveals the anticipated career trends for the following three, six, and twelve months, indicating when you should start looking for a new job, move up in your current position, or request a raise.

The transiting planets’ advantageous positions concerning your natal planets—especially Jupiter and Saturn and the 10th house—are examined to determine the times when the likelihood of positive outcomes is significantly increased.

Once you sign up with Star Speaks, you are all set to get your report after giving us the correct details.

We will take 5-8 business days to deliver your report, or you can also get it via email.  


What is a profile?

A profile is a set of information that includes a person’s name, birthplace, date, and time. Each profile has its own transits and birth chart calendar. Each profile may receive one or more updates.

How can I buy a free travel calendar for seven days?

Login after creating an account on our website. Click the “Add new profile” link, then proceed as directed.

Which planet is accountable for getting a promotion in my job?

The position of the 11th house and planet which is related to this house plays a crucial role in the promotion. It gives us results that are related to achievements and benefits of a better livelihood.

Which house is dependable for a profession or job change?

The 3rd, 8th, and 9th houses in your birth chart affect the transit according to your birth chart. If it is a favorable position, then the change is pleasant. And if the transit is beneath malefic power and the 10th and 7th houses are not in promising positions, then it is not suitable for a job change.  

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